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Balance Training

Balance is a component of all movement and the key to all functional patterns.

To improve your strength, performance and coordination you must challenge your balance. Training in uncontrolled environments such as standing on one leg or doing complex exercises that involve slow and fast twisting kicks punches jumping and running will increases the feed back to the nervous system and helps to burn more calories during your work out. This is a key component to all movement and functional patterns. Having overall balance and coordination to do an exercise that addresses and challenges your balance.


There are many components to balance training.


First and foremost you must improve your posture. Correcting exercise training will help with correcting the muscle Imbalances that run throughout the whole body. These are the areas that are tight or week putting pressure on joints causing inflammation and pain. Balance, flexibility and core training well address these postural distortions like rounded shoulders, pelvic tilts, knees buckling inward ect. This will correct the kinetic chain (your postural alignment ) from your head all the way to your feet. Correcting the muscle imbalances and creating balance throughout your workout.


Once you've created a foundation you can increase the leveling of intensity of your training. By doing a higher intensity type of exercise or faster movements to explosive patterns.

Remember, before you're powerful you must be strong. You must be able to deal with your own body mechanics and have balance from head to toe.

If this is not done you can almost guarantee yourself an injury..