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What is Qi Gong (Chi Gong)?

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  Qi Gong is a style of energy building exercise designed to bring the body mind and spirit together as one. Qi Gong originated from dancing and being physically active and is a system that loosens the joints, spine and relaxes the points of tension in the body (stress). Qi Gong has been studied for thousands of years and is used to prolong life through self cultivation of physical and mental exercises to fight against disease and aging. The term Qi (Energy) in regards to our health, means our life force or vital energy. Gong means work or technique. Qi Gong teaches us that life and health are the result of the harmonious flows of Qi through the body.Qi is much like the gasoline you put into your car.The car cannot function without the gasoline (Qi). Qi Gong fills up your gas tank and increases your energy (Qi) which improves the quality of your health. Qi is the vehicle to rebalance your body and mind from the stresses, toxins and emotions of life. Qi Gong uses Qi to clear your energetic blockages (stress, emotions, and toxins) with the use of the breath and through your intention, while doing simple body movements. Qi Gong balances the yin/yang (female /male) energy and also balancing the five organs and five emotions which relaxes the nervous system and sharpens your senses. The body becomes more alert and clear minded.  Qi Gong also strengthens the immune system, decreases healing time of injuries, improves sleep patterns and improves the overall function of the body.

Qi Gong is an art of self healing a style of exercise that trains the mind to recycle the negative energy (toxins, stress etc.) and replenish with more positive balanced connection with yourself doing the work to heal and balance your body in whatever way needed. The ultimate form of Qi Gong is Tai Chi a complex style of movement where you find stillness in motion.Many years of practice and dedication is needed to reach this state of stillness.  Justin Nielsen has been trained in both Wu Dang and Emei styles of Qi Gong.